6 Series Smokeless Fire Pit - Starting Your Fire

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Building a smokeless fire

The holes in our smokeless fire pit base are designed to provide oxygen directly under the logs, building heat quicker and allowing the fire to become smokeless. 

1. Lay your logs in a log cabin style; 2x2 parallel to each other, and each layer perpendicular to the previous layer. Start with 4-6 logs depending on the size of them.

2. Add fire starter to the center of the log cabin. We love dry wood chunks or small kindling but you can use what you find works best. 

3. Place 1-2 logs in the center of your log cabin and squeeze them tight so they don't fall over.

Light your fire.

Once your fire is hot, knock over the logs and adjust as needed to reduce smoke. Add logs as you prefer to keep the fire hot and smokeless. 

*Do not use over sized logs or wet wood. Even a smokeless fire will have a hard time becoming smokeless and building heat this way. Water + Fire do not mix*

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