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About Us

Our story really starts 6 generations ago when our ancestors came over from Germany on immigrant ships to start a new life in 1885 or 1886. William Knobloch, our Great, Great, Great Grandfather sent his son John to the United States from Germany before he turned 16 in order to avoid being drafted into the German Army. John worked on a farm in Northern Illinois for room and board and was paid $5 the first year he was living here. He learned English and became a US citizen. John eventually found his way south where he met and worked for our Great, Great, Great, Grandfather William Ellars. William owned 2000 acres at the time across two counties. John, our Great, Great Grandfather met William's daughter Emma and married into the family farm. Over 3 more generations, men continued farming and purchased land over time to make our family's legacy what it is today. 

We are fortunate that our ancestors saw so much potential in the land that exists where we live today. 150 years ago, the land in central Illinois was unturned; it was all swamp land and needed tiled and drained. They realized that what looked like a problem actually was what made it some of the best land in the world to farm. They tirelessly dug and laid tile by hand and drained off the water, and saw that underneath laid some of the richest, black soil they had ever seen. 

We will always remember our ancestors. All were hard working, good, honest men and women that we have descended from. We aim to follow their example and do good by people always doing our best and standing by our word. 

Helping people is the foundation of our company and it is supported by three pillars: offering the best product possible, customer satisfaction, and continuous learning to grow and be better daily. 

Fortus Flame has evolved over the years, starting as a metal sign manufacturing company and eventually collapsible wood burning fire pits. Through continuous product refinement, we took a unique product and broke the barrier in to the smokeless fire pit world making an already unique product truly unrivaled.

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