1. Are your fire pits smokeless?

  • Simply put, yes. Every fire will product some degree of smoke, especially when getting started and building temperature. Smokeless means that the amount of smoke produced is significantly less than the standard fire pit.
  • Once your fire is up to temperature you will have no issues with smoke.
  • We recommend always using dry wood. If you are using wet wood, even a smokeless fire pit won't be able to work. Water + Fire do not mix.

2. What is the size difference between The 6 Series Compact vs. The 6 Series XL?

  • The 6 Series Compact is 24"Lx24"Wx12.75"H (3.5" when broken down)
  • The 6 Series XL is 30"Lx30"Wx14.5"H (3.5" when broken down)

3. Do any accessories come in the smokeless fire pit kit?

  • The standard smokeless fire pit will come with the base and 6 panels. This is what is required to make the smokeless fire and everything else is an add on under the accessories page.

    4. Will the Stainless Steel hold up to the intense heat of the smokeless fire?

    • We’ve rigorously tested our product to make sure it stands up to extreme heat and surpasses expectations. The base is reinforced throughout with welded cross members due to the intense heat at the core; it can reach upward of 1600°F in the center!

    2. How do I assemble my fire pit? *refer to our main menu for instructional videos*

      3. How do I start my fire? *refer to our main menu for instructional videos*

      • Step 1. Lay dry logs 2x2 parallel and across the top of each other (log cabin) and add kindling/small wood chunks in the center. 
      • Step 2. Place two logs upright in between the log cabin and squeeze your log cabin tight to hold your logs placed in step 2 upright. 
      • Step 3. Light your fire.
      • Step 4. Break down your logs if you see smoke. This is an indication that you just need to stir your fire up.
      • Step 5. Enjoy your fire and add more logs as necessary. Don't worry about log orientation at this point. Your fire should have plenty of heat across the entire base.

      4. How do I cook on my fire pit? *refer to our main menu for instructional videos*

      • We supply grilling accessories for the outdoor adventurist looking to make cooking fun.
        • Grilling grate: Establish a fire with plenty of heat but allow your fire to die down before grilling so the flames don't burn your food. Remember: when you use a standard grill flames are no good. Even when the flames go away, there will be plenty of heat and your fire will be so hot that smoke will not be an issue. Remember to always use dry wood as well to avoid smokiness.
        • Sear Plate: Refer to our instructional video in the main menu on how to season and use your sear plate properly without damaging it.

      5. When will I receive my order?

      • Shipping times vary based on geographical location but take no more than 3 business days maximum. Orders processed at Baird Built will take 5-7 business days to arrive after ordered. Delivery details will be provided in your confirmation email.

      6. What is your Return Policy?

      7. What do I do if I never received my order?

      • In your email inbox will be a purchase notification at the time of checkout from sales@fortusflame.com. Refer to this email and find the order number. Please email us at support@fortusflame.com with that order number along with your name and address for further assistance.

        10. What payment platforms does Fortus Flame use?

        • Fortus Flame uses Stripe, Google Pay, and PayPal; all secure payment platforms to ensure your information is protected. 

        11. Is Fortus Flame secure?

        • Fortus Flame uses Shopify, one of the most secure Ecommerce platforms in the world. Shopify is certified according to the Level 1 PCI DSS standard, meaning our store is equipped with proper encryption tools, payment transfer protection, virus prevention measures, and constant security monitoring.
        • If a third party requests your personal information, we will refuse to share it unless you give us permission or unless we are required to by law. If we are legally required to share your information, we will let you know, unless we are legally forbidden. 

        12. Does Fortus Flame offer discounts and promotions?

        • Yes, our discounts and promotions can be found through our exclusive email subscription

        13. Can I make changes to an order I already placed?

        • Yes, as long as it hasn't been put in to production yet. If you need to change an order, please email support@fortusflame.com and provide the order number you received in an email from sales@fortusflame.com along with your name, address, and any changes you are requesting.

          14. Does Fortus Flame offer free shipping?

          • Yes, we offer free shipping on all orders over $150

          15. How is shipping calculated?

          • Shipping is calculated based on the zip code your product(s) is being shipped to as well as shipping weight. Shipping weight will vary from order to order. 

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